The Team

Gary Swan (Dip. Pol., MLINZ) – Director

Gary has extensive experience in investigative procedure with over 20 years in the criminal and employment law enforcement fields. He has helped “write the book” on areas of security procedures in this country as a member of the National Board for Security Unit Qualification Assessment.

His expertise includes Fraud Investigations, Risk Analysis and training in Security; managing security for 22 Gull Petrol Stations; managing security for 60 Retail Stores; staff training (robbery, managing violence, liquor etc ); and security and shrink audits - where he has investigated and recommended actions to reduce known and unknown stock losses.

Director's History Summary

NZ Army Service   2 yrs
Police Service  10 yrs
Retail Security & Loss Manager 5.5 yrs
Private Investigations Ops 3 yrs
Branch Transport ADT 3 yrs

Director’s Summary of Successes

Internal Security – Investigation of Theft

Successfully returned $NZ75,000 of jewellery and had staff member arrested for the theft following a complaint from the business;

Investigated and concluded a serious fraud issue where a staff member was fraudulently altering cash office documentation and stealing thousands of dollars.


External Security Investigation Multi-Agency Security Ops

Coordination – Investigation of Theft Ring


Successfully co-ordinated and controlled OPERATION OLAY – with NZ Police and investigative personnel which returned $NZ300,000 of stolen stock to the businesses involved and had 5 people arrested, breaking up a major shop theft ring in the North Island;



External Security – Security Provisions against Striking Staff

Oversaw National Security Operation for Progressive Enterprises during workers national strike for over 2 months.


Internal Security – Security Guard Management

Organised and controlled security guards for Multinational Retail Company for over 150+ stores for five years.




Internal Investigations

Organised and participated in several surveillance operations which identified and successfully prosecuted staff members who were stealing large quantities of tobacco products.

Investigated major stock losses in two large stores where the night crew were apprehended in stealing large quantities of stock.

Our Investigators Include

  • Registered and Licensed Private Investigators
  • Registered and Licensed Repossession Agents

Jerome Swan (Operations Manager)

Jerome has 8 years’ experience as a Field agent and Technician specialising in CCTV operations.  Is also an experienced debt collection and repossession agent.

Aaron Sewell (Investigations Manager)

Aaron Sewell has over 20 years’ experience in the industry and is an expert in the field of investigations, litigation, document serving, debt recovery and repossessions.

Gavin Van Herwaarde (Senior Investigator)

Gavin is an expert in voice stress analysis and Polygraph having gained his experience from South Africa and extensive training in America.

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