Translegal has the resources, the team and the experience to undertake a range of investigative services, and to get results.

Document Serving and Searching Services

Including Document Servicing, Tracing, Court Filing, Company and Court Searches, Re-Entry, Distraints, Eviction, and Civil and Family Court Proceedings.


Debt Recovery

We facilitate Debt Collection, Credit Management Services, and Credit Checks.


Risk Analysis

We analyse the risks to your company of both internal and external loss vectors, as well as how to reduce losses to your organisation.



We conduct covert and overt surveillance of premises and personnel as needed.


CCTV Operations (Overt & Covert)

The installation of and training of staff in use Close Circuit Television (CCTV) equipment to increase your awareness of premises accessing and exiting through the day.



We conduct training sessions for you and your staff in loss prevention, robbery response, and even personal protection/response training as required.


Insurance Investigation Services

We conduct extensive investigations of insurance claims, providing detailed reports and summaries of statements and situations.



Tracking and tracing of debtors, seizure of assets, and repossession of vehicles.


Methamphetamine testing and checking

Including sampling properties, real estate, out buildings and commercial buildings for meth/P, including illicit drug precursors caused by exposure from use or manufacture and/or associated activities.


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